Hi there my name is Ramona.My life journey started since I was small somewhere at the age of 8.I never find myself fitted in the family I was born,neither in school I was a mediocre student never understand why i don’t find my place.Always been considered the black sheep type of the family.

Along the line we all had relationships but all ended trying to find your soul mate which maybe it was meant or not. We all have this questions and from my experience if is not the right person to uplift you and dragging you down then is not the right person.

What’s my website about ? Well I can say quite a loot of things 😉but the main reason is to make mental awareness go viral.Make people aware to what toxic relationships they put themselves in, situations of life where you have to take decisions,why is your health important why is mental health important and most important how we should recognise people that drain our energy instead of uplifting us.

You will also find some philosophy and most important that made my life change around is yoga and meditation.
They have actually changed my life in the past 2 years to a more positive energetic person even so as everyone else I still have my ups and downs.But success was never defined by linear so I will enjoy 😉my trip to it .Namaste