Reality people hide from,

Well keep hiding until one day

You regret the fact that you couldn’t say

Sorry …

Dear mom because you couldn’t say

Sorry for your fucked up attitude that you keep your pride up very high

Well let me tell you something that I learned about life

I forgive and I move on,

No problem chuck poison at me from your mouth

I keep my head high and my reality way higher then yours

At least I stand for values in life that learned me more then you will ever understand,

Because your cut out of your shallow remembering

Of the dawn dusk of the yesterday

Keep on barking

Because I will keep on moving forward without even looking back

And for those who can’t even keep their ego or pride in chains

Watch out because one day you will get back exactly what you have asked for

This is for those that know me for the real me

Not some fucked up heads who can’t even keep one promise right even for themselves.

Wake up and look around you,

Because one day it will all be gone.


Written by


“ I have began my spiritual journey and awakening from the age of 8 years old and I always knew there is more to life than what we see.Trough my spiritual journey I will make sure I will arise the awareness to others as well so that we came on earth to make the necessary changes.”