I have seen people don’t care who you are

I have seen money,greed and willpower

Every single day in London a person becomes homeless

I have seen people trying to make a change

By voting equal rights.

I have seen people seen people having problems with health

And not being able to work anymore.

Because they have families are far away

They cannot take cafe of themselves

The biggest problem in UK is driven by mental health

When people will understand that boarders between

Countries just split families apart,

When people will realise that the answer

To a better world is not money is actually care for others

When people will realise that what we are

Failing at is actually inner wisdom.

When we will understand that we are

What we build today will have an impact for tomorrow

When we will understand that colour,culture and religion

Don’t really matter?

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“ I have began my spiritual journey and awakening from the age of 8 years old and I always knew there is more to life than what we see.Trough my spiritual journey I will make sure I will arise the awareness to others as well so that we came on earth to make the necessary changes.”